Savon noir traditionnel
  • Savon noir traditionnel

Black Beldi soap with olive oil


Exfoliation with black soap : a traditional exfolian. Exfoliation with black soap is part of hammam rituals. From Essaouira region in Morocco, black soap is an exfoliant product which takes away dead skin cells and deeply prurifies the skin.

 250 Grams Pot

 INCI :olea europaea, potassium hydroxyde, aqua


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black soap, exfoliant for all skin types,hammam-or-sauna-at home equipements-and-accessoires. Use of -black soap: hammam session-skin care-scrub-black soap is a soft soap in form of thick scrub paste with a dark color. Composed of crushed black olives potash macerated in salt, black soap is rich in vitamin E and has many qualities, for all skin types. It is not irritating ,eliminates toxins and hydrates the skin. Its smoothness lmakes it suitable for all skin types. Because of its composition, this soap has the particularity of not foaming when in contact with water but transforms into a soft and smooth product.


 You can apply a scrub with black soap at home by getting a black soap and Kessa gloves. Apply black on a wet skin in the shower and rub vigoursly the whole body with your glove . After, rinse with warm water. In order to get a beautiful skin during the year, it is recommended to apply a scrub once or twice a week. If you would like to use black soap as face exfoliant, do not use a Kassa glove

 Apply black soap on your wet skin and avoid the eyes and the edge of the lips.