Amber Perfume

feminine scent - 50 ml

Boldly amber The natural Amber fragrance from ‘‘ Les Sens de Marrakech ’’ is a special olfactory composition, where nutmeg meets the freshness of citrus fruits to pay a strong tribute to the most beautiful scented raw materials prized in the Orient. Very daring and intense, it breathes the bright colors of the spice markets in the East, while retaining finesse and elegance with very successful, warm and sweet notes, which will delight the most assertive of you. The family of amber fragrances concentrates aromas with warm and sweet notes, which leave an irresistible imprint in their wake.



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Perfume concentrates: all perfumes are formulated without phthalates and meet IFRA amendments. Formulated to the maximum with natural ingredients unless the desired ingredients were too allergenic or could damage the balance of nature or wildlife. The composition of the alcohol: denatured without phthalates. Head note: Lemon, Bergamot Heart note: Nutmeg, Pepper Base note: Amber, Labdanum