History of Jean Raillon

In 1853, during the Crimean War in Sevastopol, Ukraine, the Russians against the Ottoman Empire (French and English) the soldiers were cured of their burns, itchy skin, hair, wounds... by a pain relieving recipe called miraculous.

Over time, this recipe will be entrusted to Jean Raillon. He decided in 1958 to market the products based on essential oils and to name his company Jean Raillon. The products are transmitted from generation to generation and are called the Balm of Sebastopol in reference to the capture of Sebastopol during the Crimean War. The Eczema Product will have been used to cure Charlie Chaplin and the Joint Product will have been used to cure John Kennedy's rheumatism.

Why Raillon de Jouvence?

We decided to create the company Raillon de Jouvence to expand Jean Raillon's product line with organic cosmetic products based on argan oil and prickly pear seed oil: pure organic argan oil, argan oil combined with essential oils such as orange blossom, musk, lavender , aloe vera, jasmine and rose.

Raillon de Jouvence also offers virgin vegetable oils of first cold pressing from organic farming: cinnamon, ricin, bourrach,onagre, chaulmoogra, coco, sweet almond, avocado, fenugreek. jojoba, macadamia, sesame, damask rose, St. John's wort, daisy.All Raillon de jouvence vegetable oils are top quality.

Raillon de Jouvence obviously ensures the continuity of the Baume de Sébastopol with the JCM 5 for heavy legs from Jean Raillon, and the new JCM 7 Natural for the ease of your joints and muscles.