Tuberose Perfume

Feminine Perfume 50 ml

A sublime Tuberose fragrance Although the synthetic offers olfactory profiles of a new kind, flowers are in themselves a perfumery with a thousand scents, each of which offers its natural fragrance, with perceptible variation, with a unique and personal hue ... Tuberose is known for its heady, bewitching, flowery and light character, which reflects an independent woman, who dresses in the finest finery of scents, the flower of love and passion. The cleverly balanced Tubereuse Les Sens de Marrakech eau de parfum is an ideal partner for summer evenings where softness and elegance are the order of the day. Its floral and fruity scents provide you with a romantic aura. Narcotic and Disturbing


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Head note: Bergamot, Green notes Heart note: Tuberose, Heliotrope, Orange blossom Base note: Tonka bean, Sandalwood Perfume concentrates: all perfumes are formulated without phthalates and meet IFRA amendments. Formulated to the maximum with natural ingredients unless the desired ingredients were too allergenic or could damage the balance of nature or wildlife. The composition of the alcohol: denatured without phthalates.