Incense Perfume

Mixed perfume 50 ml

A beauty secret known only to women of natural beauty, incense is too often limited to a house scent, but also conceals a unique and subtle scent potential, perfect for emphasizing a strong character with colorful variations of impulsiveness, as our incense scent proves. Incense, the secret of seduction Not everyone can make your perfume a tool of seduction and charm, but it will quickly become an unconscious reflex with our incense eau de parfum. Patchouli, a natural aphrodisiac, accompanied by scents of orange blossom, gives this eau de parfum a wild character, with woody variations, for a luxurious and sensitive olfactory atmosphere.


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Incense and its many well-being virtues Perfect for fighting depression, incense brings a feeling of intense well-being, underlined by soothing nuances, which will be perfectly suited to an active woman, whose strong psychic activity requires a stable and comforting sensory environment. The Incense Eau de Parfum, with its woody flavors, gives all those who wear it the pleasure of sporting a delicate and powerful scent, bewitching and unique, subtle and full of character. Often considered an exotic scent, incense is part of these oriental fragrances which suggest dreams, disorientation, and add an enigmatic mystery to the wearer, suggesting a colorful, living, unique elsewhere ... Head note: Bergamot, Frankincense Heart note: Tonka bean, Patchouli Base note: Cashmere wood, Vanilla Luxurious and Intense Perfume concentrates: all perfumes are formulated without phthalates and meet IFRA amendments. Formulated to the maximum with natural ingredients unless the desired ingredients were too allergenic or could damage the balance of nature or wildlife. The composition of the alcohol: denatured without phthalates