• Eau florale Bio de Laurier Noble

Organic noble laurel hydrosol


Purifying and astringent, this noble laurel hydrosol is ideal for preparation care for oily skin and imperfections and it is efficient in home-madeoral health care bucco-dentaires. It is also famous for mental balancing as well as encouraging to express. 

 Ingredient: Laurius Nobilis 

 100% of ingredients are from organic farming

 Pand bottle 200ML


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Properties: In beauty, Organic noble laurel of Provence is known for its following properties: Purifying , il cleanses combination to oily skin and helps to eliminate dea skin cells.Tonic and astringent, it tightens pores and and reduces hair loss by revitalizing them. Refreshing and antiseptic, il is used in mouthwash in order to maintain dental hygiene.