• Eau florale Bio de Fleur d'Oranger

Organic Orange blossom hydrosol


With a floral scent, this orange blossom hydrosol has tonifying, revitalizing and soothings properties for the skin and it is appreciated for dry skin preparation care. It also helps the mind to calm down and improves sleep. It can also be used for cooking. Ingredient :Citrus auranthum leaf water 100% of ingredients are from organic farming


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 In beauty , Organic orange blossom hydrosol is known for its following properties:regenerating, brightening, it restores the complexion's shine and radiance.Soft tonic, it soothes and gently refreshes the skin.

 Wonderful, floral, fruity, refreshing, orange blossom hydrosol agreably perfumes your home-made cosmetics.


 Dull and lacklustre complexion

 Normal and dry skin

 Delicate skin care

 Mature skin 

 Delicate skin