Démelant à l'huile d'argan
  • Démelant à l'huile d'argan

Detangler with argan oil


Dry and damaged hair treatment, this detangler with argan oil oil nourishes and extremely soothes the hair.

 After each shampoo, apply and gently massage until the ends of your hair.Leave for a moment and rinse off thoroughly

 Restructuring treatment for all hair types

 Deeply nourishes the hair

 Repairs hair cuticle

 Restores shine and smoothness of hair

 Optimal smoothing effect.


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Ingredients: water,candearyl acohol and dipa imitoylandhyl,hedroxyandhymomium mandhosulfate celerandh20,wheats amino acids benzyl alcohol argan oil,d-panthenol, dehid roacandic acid, parafum limon.