Alum stone stick


Alum stone is a naturally occurring mineral found in various parts of the world. Raw, it has the shape of a transparent and odorless crystal. Raillon de Jouvence presents it polished in the form of a stick, it thus follows the shape of the armpits for a quick application. Alum stone with astringent properties neutralizes perspiration and prevents the development of bacteria responsible for bad odors, making it an excellent natural deodorant. Hypoallergenic and odorless, it is used daily, slightly moistened, directly applied to the skin. Raillon de Jouvence alum stone has a lifespan of about one year, which is the equivalent of the period of use of ten traditional deodorants. Find all the benefits of alum stone in a practical stick!


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ingredients: POTASSIUM ALUM, AQUA Weight 100gr Recommended for daily use, alum stone replaces a traditional deodorant. Moisten the stone beforehand under water, then apply it to areas pronr to perspiration: armpits, feet. Precautions: external use. Do not use on damaged skin.