Organic cumin essential oil


Organic cumin essential oil Botanical name: Cumimum cyminum Distilled parts: seeds Production method: steam distillation Family: Ranunculaceae Origin: Egypt Cumin essential oil is easily recognized by its strong, warm and spicy fragrance. It helps digestion, calms flatulence, and also offers soothing properties for both physical pain and nervous torments. It is also beneficial for people suffering from insomnia and sleep disorders. Raillon de Jouvence's extra-fine and top quality chemotyped essential oil. Our Raillon de Jouvence essential oils are 100% guaranteed pure, natural and total. They are botanically and biochemically defined (EOBBD) and mostly from small producers.


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Cumin is one of the oldest known spices. In fact, papyrus from the time of the Pharaohs mentions it as a universal remedy! The high proportion of aldehydes (cuminal) in this essence gives it unsuspected soothing properties that should help you induce sleep, especially when it is diffused in combination with citruses.

  It relieves bloating and small digestive problems and it is an appetite stimulant. In this regard, dilute a few drops in a vegetal oil and apply a massage on the chest. It is impossible for us to mention all the use of cumin essential oil as the European legislation regarding cosmetics and food products forbids all therapeutic claim. However, knowing the reputation of cumin , we highly recommend you to check on multiple websites and forums devoted for its various virtues mostly known since ancient times


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