Organic Corsica Helichrysum essential oil


Latin name: Helichrysum italicum Distilled part: flower Steam distillation Family: Asteraceae  Origin: France (Corsica)  Farming method: Organic This beautiful fine plant with golden-yellow flowers and soft pale green stems belongs to the family of immortals, from which we make dried bouquets. We choose this particular Helichrysum(that can only be found growing wild in Corsica and Italy), for its specific componants and properties. Helichrysum essential oil or immortal has a very captivating smell, sweet, a little smoky and spicy. It is one of the main essential oil composing the JCM 7 NATURAL. Raillon de Jouvence's extra-fine and top quality chemotyped essential oil. Our Raillon de Jouvence essential oils are 100% guaranteed pure, natural and total. They are botanically and biochemically defined (EOBBD) and mostly from small producers.


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Helichrysum essential oil in synergy with arnica oily macerate is very efficient in reducing hematoma. It also has antispasmodic properties. - Apply by rubbing to the concerned body part, diluted in a vegetal oil.(arnica, hypericum or Nigella)   It is impossible for us to mention all the use of helichrysum essential oil as the European legislation regarding cosmetics and food products forbids all therapeutic claim. However, knowing the reputation of the helichrysum, we highly recommend you to check on multiple websites and forums devoted for its various virtues mostly known since ancient times.




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