Organic Tea Tree essential oil


Botanical name: Melaleuca alternifolia Part of the plant: Leaf Extraction method: Steam distillation Chemical composition: Alpha-pinene, Terpinene, Natural beta pinene, gamma Terpinene, D-limonene Origin: South Africa Culture: Organic The essential oil of tea tree is known to disinfect or clear the respiratory tract, to provide a solution to many skin problems or to stimulate the immune system. The essential oil of tea tree comes from a small shrub of Australian origin called "Tea Tree". Captain Cook named it that, but the plant has nothing to do with the tea plant. The aborigines used the infusion of its leaves to heal skin and wounds. Raillon de Jouvence quality extra fine chemotyped essential oil.Our Raillon de Jouvence essential oils are guaranteed 100% pure, natural and total. They are botanically and biochemically defined (HEBBD) and mostly from small producers.


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Internal way: yes Cutaneous route: yes Diffusion: yes Inhalation: yes IMPORTANT: As European legislation on cosmetics and food supplements prohibits any therapeutic claim, it is impossible for us to mention all the uses of tea tree essential oil. On the other hand, given the notoriety of the essential oil of Tea tree, we strongly advise you to inform yourself on the many sites or forums devoted to countless virtues often known since antiquity.


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