Our prickly pear seed oil whose 100% ingredients are from organic farming constitutes an elixir of skin youth. For all skin types. To apply purely or to mix with argan oil, or with your moistrurizing cream.

 Apply some drops on a clean and dry face. Practise soft circular massages and insist on marked wrinkles, eye and lip area. Beauty ritual to apply preferably at night: it is at night, indeed, that cells regenerate. Regenerating and against dehydration: it is the best of all anti-wrinkles. 

 Leave it on the hair for 15 minutes (The oil is not fat) then apply a soft and shampoo with argan oil to obtain silky, shiny and soft hair. Best organic anti-wrinkle.

 Excellent concealer

 Prickly pear seed oil is a best asset for young skins. Even for oily skins. This oil, indeed, regulates sebum. Due to its healing properties, it also has a wonderful effect on acne.

 Ingredients : opuntia ficus indica seed oil

 First cold - pressed

 100% of ingredients are from organic farming

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