Organic Prickly pear seed oil 15 ml + Organic Prickly pear seed oil cream care


Natural and organic, strong anti-wrinkle, keeps skin vitality and beauty. It acts against the aging of cell tissues, neutralizes free radicals, and stimulates cell production. It also has wonderful actions on scars, stretch marks, and age spots.


Availabilities for Pick-up in store :

Exceptional prickly pear seed oil oil with restructuring and protective qualities , argan oil (Berber women treasure), borage oil , flax oil , macadamia, beurre de karité.

 Precious oils for the beauty of your face 

 Apply in the morning on the face and neck after cleaning your face. Ideal care : at night, apply prickly pear seed oil, in the morning the day cream 

 Clean the face with floral water or micellar lotion 

 1 15 ml oil plus one 50ml cream