Properties and benefits of castor oil on the skin

 - So emollient, it penetrates into the skin and helps produce collagen and elastin and thus, keeps the skin's moisture level .Softening, it restores your skin's smoothness and elasticity. Good youth-boosting care (lifting and plumping action). Reduces spots on the skin. Purifying. Ideal for sensitive or irritated skin. Damaged skin care Properties and benefits of castor oil on eye contour: Anti-wrinkles, concealer Properties and benefits of castor oil fro the hair and nails:

 - Strengthens hair fiber and enhances hair regrowth.

 - Reinforces lash and brow (more density) 

 - Hydratess and protects hair fiber (silky). 

 - Stimulates hair growth and slows down hair loss. 

 - Ideal for damaged hair care. 

 - Anti-dandruff action.

 50ML UV protected bottle 

 INGREDIENTS: castor us communis (castor) seed oil.

 100% of ingredients are organic

 First cold pressed virgin oil

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