• Huile de chaulmoogra

Virgin chaulmoogra oil


Known for centuries, chaulmoogra oil is from India, Chaulmoogra belongs to the Hydnocarpus family , it grows in China and in India. It bears fruits whose seed has particular fatty acids said cyclic. Extraction process : First cold-pressed seeds. Ingredients: hydnocarpus laurifolia seed oil Culture : wild


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Chaulmoogra oil is an anti-spots care, unify complexion (hypopigmented skin or with pigment stains). 

 Non-comedogenic, deeply purifying, it contributes yo the regulation of sebaceous secretions. It is, then, excellent for oily and blemished skin .Anti-cellulite, Organic Chaulmoogra oil fights against adipose cells.

 Properties- chaulmoogra oil purifies skin and normalizes sebaceous secretions Soothes irritated damaged and flaked off skin, - Accerates, unifies and prolongs tanning - Harmonizes skin pigmentation - fights against adipose cells and cellulites Anti-uv Pump Glass bottle 50 ml