• Macérat Huileux d'arnica Bio
  • Macérat Huileux d'arnica Bio
  • Macérat Huileux d'arnica Bio

Organic arnica oily macerate


Arnica is famous for being the best choice in case of bruises . Sportsmen ally, this arnica oily macerate with its soothing properties is tradionally used to prepare after or before physical efforts care  or soothing massage oil. Ingredients :Helianthus annuus seed oil, Arnica montana flower extract.

 100% of ingredients are from organic farming


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 As a cosmetics ingredient, organic arnica oily macerate is known for its properties:

 Arnica est rich in strong anti-inflammatory compounds Its oily macerate is recommended as an additional inflammation soothing treatment. 

 It reduces bruises and facilitates their resorption 

 Calming, it soothes painful areas. Repairing

 Rich in antioxidant actives, it fights against aging signs