Organic grape seed oil


Most of the grape seed oils on offer are obtained by solvent extraction and then refining! Ours is virgin, ultra Pure, ORGANIC and from First Cold Pressure. There is all the difference ... Very rich in Essential Fatty Acids, this ultra-dry oil regulates sebum, it is recommended for men, oily or combination skin (ideal in combination with HEMP and / or JOJOBA) But above all a tip! If you find your oil too oily and are not satisfied with its penetration, the secret is to add a little grapeseed oil! You will be amazed at the result, and the synergy will be excellent for your skin. Ingredient: Vitis Vinifera L 100% of the ingredients are from organic farming. First cold pressing. 50 ML sandblasted glass bottle


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With a very balanced fatty acid composition, grape seed vegetable oil is both nourishing and regulates sebum production. Highly concentrated in antioxidant polyphenols, it is one of the best anti-aging oils, both for the skin and for the hair. In addition, it penetrates easily without leaving a greasy film. For whom: all skin types, oily skin, mature skin, all hair types, dry and brittle hair, damaged hair, fine hair For what: Nourishing balms and butters, balms and hair masks, anti-aging treatments, massage oil, face creams